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Appointments can be booked by clicking on the respective links below or contacting us directly.

Ready to get started? An initial consultation is the first step to an evaluation. This visit allows us to review what has led you to seek an evaluation, review your history, discuss your goals, and for Dr. Kellk to identify the right testing procedures to meet your/your child’s needs. Occasionally, the intake reveals that an evaluation is not needed at that time because other interventions/providers are a better place to start. Intakes are typically 1-1.5hrs and completed via virtual visit.

Not quite sure where to begin? Use the link below to schedule a complimentary 15-minute consultation. Dr. Kellk is happy to answer any questions/concerns you have about the process and share her treatment philosophy in more detail.

26789 Woodward Ave, Suite 209 Huntington Woods MI, 48070

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